Amazing Venetian Mirror Tray Ideas

The beauty of Venetian Mirror Tray has been appreciated for several hundred years in many parts of the world. A craft that develops on a small island in Italy produces beautiful artwork that hangs in the house and even the palace of the king and queen. The art of glass blowing and mirroring was passed from father to son and a group of Italian craftsmen finally began to create a mirror that caught the attention of the nobles in Europe in the later part of the Renaissance. We can still find some of these ancient Venetian mirrors throughout Europe, both in private homes and museums. And they are still craftsmen who created this treasure in Italy today. Thankfully, there is also a cheaper reproduction available in a variety of styles and price ranges to suit traditional and modern decor. You can find a very ornate Venetian glass mirror that resembles a renaissance version or a fairly simple variation, which only takes the general idea of ​​etched glass for a contemporary look.


Mirrors are made with individual pieces of hand-blown glass attached to a wooden frame with small screws with a rosette cover. Glass is unique because of its thinness, clarity and brilliant color. The design is often scratched on the bottom of the glass. Until now, the mirror played a functional role by bringing the illumination into the room without much natural light. Venetian Mirror Tray has candlesticks mounted on the bottom of the frame. The mirror is meant to reflect light from a candle to illuminate the room. When European nobles discovered the beauty of Venetian mirrors, they hired craftsmen to create more ornate mirrors, to show off their wealth to their friends.


The large Venetian Mirror Tray can be the focal point of the living room or dining room. Smaller mirrors can work well in the bedroom or bathroom. The driveway would be another great place to hang such a mirror. Venetian glass glass that you can buy today serves the same dual purpose of the Renaissance. Hang one in your house and you will be bright in more light and make the room look a bit bigger than that. You can also enjoy the beauty of the mirror and even impress your friends if you want. Perhaps this is why this mirror has been popular for centuries. When decorating the room, there are many tips that are used interior designers who can help in decorating the room. The Venetian Mirror is one of the tips that interior designers would like to decorate. Although many rooms have color schemes or specific designs, the beauty of the Venetian mirror never interferes with the color or design. The appearance of a Venetian mirror will always blend in the room beautifully, still making the entire furniture look beautiful and harmonious. You can put a Venetian mirror almost anywhere in your room and yet the look of the Venetian mirror will look amazing and add to the increase of the room.